Testing and Experimenting with Creme of Nature Perfect Edges

Part 1 Breaking Down the Ingredients
Hi Everyone, I've been trying on and off with different ingredients in making my own edge controller for my edges without the worries of harmful ingredients sinking into my skin. Well, I have several ingredients to choose from that can make or break the product I want to achieve. I want to share with you all my journey in making my own version of this hair edge tamer. Don't get me wrong, I used this product pictured above because it does what it says as far as laying down those stubborn edges to have that smooth, sleek look, but I'm curious to find out if I can come up with a similar product using a more natural approach, and being in control by substituting out the synthetic ingredients. I hope this post will give helpful tips or ideas to others out there who make their own products where to start with this guide (I hope this will be a guide). 

In experimenting, there will be failures along the way, but at least I will be doing the hard …


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In using body polishes, you usually would use it on slightly wet to dry skin to exfoliate then rinse thoroughly. This to ensure dead skin cell removal, cell regeneration, and circulation. On the plus side, the aroma of the polish will linger more with you than washing it all down while under the shower.
Not everyone will have the same skin responsiveness in how harsh or mild a polish should be. A person should know their skin as to how abrasive or mild they want their product before purchasing. Ask yourself, what level of abrasiveness I want my skin to feel?  It will be all up to you in how you would like to use body polishes or scrubs.
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New Shea Butter Bath Bars Available

No fragrance, no harmful or harsh ingredients.
Made with unrefined Shea butter and Shea oil. This soap is so beautiful. I love the lather. It's so luscious and mild. It left my skin feeling clean, smooth and airy. It also contains Tigernut Oil, an African treat which conditions the skin and hair, and Avocado oil, which purports to have an natural SPF like the Shea Butter, and it is a wonderful skin oil. Try on today. Limited quantities, so hurry.
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Enhanced Hair Enrichment Creme

Hello Everyone, In this post, I will be talking about the Hair Enrichment Creme. For a while, I have been developing a way to improve hair texture of all types of hair. When I first started making this creme, I looked at many ingredients to achieve manageable hair, but the consistency was on the oily side and only gave attention to thick coarse hair, which is okay, but as time moved forward, other ingredients started to come to surface were I can give attention for most hair types such as frizzy, curly, coily, thin, damaged, color and chemical treated, coarse and fine hair. This hair creme is a leave in conditioning hair dressing creme with a pH5.5 to give life to all hair types.  The ingredients have improve since the last time I developed this Hair Enrichment Creme. The main ingredients are a list, so bare with me. I have obtain  Mango butter, murumuru butter, virgin coconut oil, fair trade coffee oil, argan oil, macadamia nut oil, wheat germ, Amla oil, BTMS, a natural softener, jo…

Making Whipped Cocoa Roasted Almond Body Butter

Whipped Cocoa Roasted Almond Body Butter to sooth winter 's skin and smelling so delish while preparing your skin for the warmer months ahead.  This item will be listing soon in a 4 oz container. I'm looking forward to adding this listing. I embedded a short video in how I made the whipped Cocoa butter infused with Vanilla oil with a hint of almond fragrance.  It a soft butter, so this definitely will be only made for the cooler weather. It's soft to touch, and it sinks amazingly into your skin without feeling overly oily. 

Did I mention you will be smelling good? Keep looking out for this listing.