Saturday, March 28, 2015


Making Whipped Shea Butter Cream
In the above photo is the finished result of the Whipped Shea Butter Creme. It's probably a lot of these floating around, but I think I did a wonderful job in mixing this baby up (My Baby). I found what will work, and stuck with it. Well, the steps I had to create this delicious, skin butter was not easy to do at first, but with careful planning how and when to incorporate this, along with practice handled this very well. I hope you guys can give it a try sometime. Okay, I was alone doing this, so I had to take pictures along the way. Here are the steps as follows:
I sterilized my jars 24 hours ahead of time to allow dry time. The next day, on a clean, sanitized surface, I gathered up what herbs I wanted to use, and infused them in distilled water.  Distilled water: I heated this up to 180 degrees, and let it stand for 20 min. under this temperature to make sure to kill bacteria. Then added the herbs to steep. 

 Here are my infused herbs. I strained the herbs in this jar with a lid to keep in the heat. I added 1tsp of Potassium sorbate in my water phase. The next step is melting my solids.

The solids includes: Unrefined Shea, BTMS, and Cetyl Alcohol. 

I melted the solids to 180 degrees as well to make sure everything was dissolved.

Sorry I couldn't get a picture while doing the next step, so I will try to be detailed as possible in explaining. Well, the next step was for me to incorporate my oils into my water phase together, but before I did this, I added in my light oils in the melted oils, because I didn't want to mess up their benefits with cooking it. The way to incorporate oils in water is to have them both the same temperature to get a great emulsion going. In my case, my oils and water was about 140 degrees. Working quickly, I slowly pour the water phase into the oil phase while stick blending. Allowing to cool to 120 degrees to add of any additives such as preservatives, fragrances, essential oils, and/or vitamins. I added 1 tsp of Optiphen in my product.

Here, I'm checking my pH in my finished creme. The typical pH for lotions and cremes should be around 4.5-6. I successfully have a pH of 5.5.

Well here is the final product. It's ready to be labeled now. It's fun to be creative in making different moisturizers to suit your needs. Why not try it out.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


 RaeMarie Essentials

Getting back to business. I know, I know for some time I told clients, family, and friends I was going to get my shop back up on Etsy. My predictions as of when was uncertain, but I knew I was going to be starting back, but when was that? Well, I got discouraged for awhile because of the move. A lot has happened through trying to find the time to straighten up for space, planning how to start up again, getting children ready for school and activities, and so forth. My health also got in the way, but to make a long story short I'm fine now. I'm not the kind of person when it comes to my personal life I'm not too open about, so on that note, I won't be mentioning anything about my health issues.
My main focus is to get back to what I enjoy. I'm proud to have a niche of making different toiletries for the those who love natural handmade products. I'm a believer of using the exact what the product calls for, so I do a lot of research of ingredients that become of interest to me, and day dream about what I can do with it. I quickly became a supporter of Fair Trade. I'm not a member, only a supporter, so therefore I order from suppliers that are members of Fair Trade to make sure my ingredients are authentic to get the most of what benefits the skin. In addition, I had eczema as a child and knew for some time I have to be careful of what to use on my skin to avoid inflammation. I love using beauty products of all kinds, which is inspiring enough for me to do my own without having to deal with burning or itching of the skin, but it's fun to try new things.
As of March of 2015, I reopened my Etsy shop, which was formally known as Forever Be Inc. I decide to not incorporate myself this time due to cost, so that is why I changed my business name to my personal name RaeMarie Essentials. Currently, I make African Black Liquid Soaps, African Black Soap Sugar Scrubs, Whipped Butters, Lotions, Creams, Bubble Bath & Shower Wash, Body Polishes, Mineral Soaks, Shampoo Bars, Shampoo Liquid, Conditioners, Hair Pomades, Hair Crèmes, and the list will grow, but time is a factor. As of now my list includes the African Soap products, and Whipped Shea Butter Cream. I'm currently finishing the lotions, which will compliment your skin after bathing. I really can't wait to complete my list because I'm that excited for you guys to try them out. Keep on tuning in to see what else I'm innovating.
I love to make people smell and feel good with what they try, and a few years back as Forever Be Inc. was a delight to read the wonderful reviews I received from people all over. I want to say, I'm back and this time here to stay. Thank you for making me, and this venture an inspiring come back.

I just want you all to know this is my first blog, so any tips or suggestions please feel free to comment.