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Making Whipped Shea Butter Cream In the above photo is the finished result of the Whipped Shea Butter Creme. It's probably a lot of these floating around, but I think I did a wonderful job in mixing this baby up (My Baby). I found what will work, and stuck with it. Well, the steps I had to create this delicious, skin butter was not easy to do at first, but with careful planning how and when to incorporate this, along with practice handled this very well. I hope you guys can give it a try sometime. Okay, I was alone doing this, so I had to take pictures along the way. Here are the steps as follows: I sterilized my jars 24 hours ahead of time to allow dry time. The next day, on a clean, sanitized surface, I gathered up what herbs I wanted to use, and infused them in distilled water.  Distilled water: I heated this up to 180 degrees, and let it stand for 20 min. under this temperature to make sure to kill bacteria. Then added the herbs to steep. 

 Here are my infused herbs. I strained t…


Getting back to business. I know, I know for some time I told clients, family, and friends I was going to get my shop back up onEtsy. My predictions as of when was uncertain, but I knew I was going to be starting back, but when was that? Well, I got discouraged for awhile because of the move. A lot has happened through trying to find the time to straighten up for space, planning how to start up again, getting children ready for school and activities, and so forth. My health also got in the way, but to make a long story short I'm fine now. I'm not the kind of person when it comes to my personal life I'm not too open about, so on that note, I won't be mentioning anything about my health issues. My main focus is to get back to what I enjoy. I'm proud to have a niche of making different toiletries for the those who love natural handmade products. I'm a believer of using the exact what the product calls for, so I do a lot of research of ingredients that become of int…