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In every order, I usually give a few samples, but I figure why not let the customer decide which sample to try. From now on, I will offer free samples to email subscribers. Once you purchase from me your name is automatically added to the email list. A link will come to customers to subscribe, but to qualify for samples customers must "Activate" the email subscription to confirm their subscription. This will allow 1 free sample of choice with any purchase. Also, leave a note during checkout or convo me at RaeMarie Essentials if you would like to subscribe with me by leaving your name and email address. I will add you on the email list. If customers will like more than one sample to try I will have an option on RaeMarie Essentials to purchase more.

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I developed a hair wax pomade that I will be selling along the way, but currently in the process of testing to make sure I am getting results I'm looking for. My first client is my daughter. She needed her hair straighten, so I thought let me try to see if this really works, and use for her hair type. I tried it on my hair (3b, 3c type), and it really works. It smooths, and lay down hair great. I did a twist out on dry hair, and the hair wax settled in leaving my hair soft. Once the twist set, it really made my hair bouncy once I took the twist apart.My hair curl instantly whether my hair is wet or dry with products, so I didn't have to use a lot to achieve the look I was going for. Oops forgot to upload my pics, but I will update on my hair. Applying on wet hair is okay, but the wax is too slippery on wet hands, so if applying it, it is best on dry hair.  If used on toweled dried hair just smooth wax on dry hands and disperse through sections of the hair for hair setting. The…


Do anyone remember the Hair Enrichment Creme I had created in 2008, and since 2013 enhanced the texture for all hair types? Well, I will bringing it out again just with a new label. I enjoy making this creme because it has such nourishing ingredients for hair, and it works. The sizes will start off as 4 ounces, then 16 ounces. I received a lot of wonderful comments about when it was available as ForEver Be, Inc. Now, I'm back under my name RaeMarie Essentials. I hoped all who know about this hair product will be pleased of its prospect of return.
If you know about this creme give me a thumbs up. If there is enough thumbs up I will go right ahead to manufacture this product. Thank you all for your support.