I developed a hair wax pomade that I will be selling along the way, but currently in the process of testing to make sure I am getting results I'm looking for. My first client is my daughter. She needed her hair straighten, so I thought let me try to see if this really works, and use for her hair type. I tried it on my hair (3b, 3c type), and it really works. It smooths, and lay down hair great. I did a twist out on dry hair, and the hair wax settled in leaving my hair soft. Once the twist set, it really made my hair bouncy once I took the twist apart. My hair curl instantly whether my hair is wet or dry with products, so I didn't have to use a lot to achieve the look I was going for. Oops forgot to upload my pics, but I will update on my hair. Applying on wet hair is okay, but the wax is too slippery on wet hands, so if applying it, it is best on dry hair.  If used on toweled dried hair just smooth wax on dry hands and disperse through sections of the hair for hair setting. The list of what this product can be used for: twist outs, rod setting, up-dos, smooth edges, and for smoothing down boys/men fresh hair cuts.  Okay back to testing. My daughter's hair (3c, 4a type), with much thicker hair, and tender headed is the challenge. I'm afraid that it will leave white residue, or be too sticky because of her thick hair, but I have a short video, and pictures to show what I did when applying it on her hair with finishing results. In my opinion, your hair will be laid. No frizzing. I have yet tried it on other hair types. I will update on this soon. The packaging and size will differ once adding to my website.  

During the video, In small sections I'm smoothing the hair wax through the hair section, combing through carefully because Madelyn is tender headed. Then pressing her hair. The heat setting was on medium because I didn't want to have high heat on her hair right now, but the hair wax can be done on very high heat. It is heat protected as well.  I'm not that good in pressing, but I think I did okay. The hair wax did its job. I'm pleased. 

I hope you all will  enjoy the presentation. Feel free to comment.

Download from this link:

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