O.N.E. & Only Beauty Body Lotions

 Beauty Body Lotions

O.N.E. & Only Beauty Body Lotion comes in 14 complimenting scents matching the Shower gels, Body Polishes, and Dry Oil Mists. Pick your scent to layer for ultimate results.

APRICOT VANILLA CREAM- Blended combo. A sweet blend of apricots and cream ending with a loving tea note toning it down to a irresistible treat.

EMBRACE ME- Complimenting beauty. This scent does that. A Caress scent Type: White Peach and Silky Orange Blossoms. 

GINGER & LEMON- Mesmerized with fresh and zest. This fragrance is amazingly clean. I can't stop smelling this scent. 

GERMAN CHAMOMILE ESSENCE- Green herbal notes of clary sage, chrysanthemum leaf and dandelion combine with balsamic notes of German and Roman chamomile oils which are toned down with light, fruity nuances of golden apple and apricot. 

GRACEFULLY YOURS- Innocent and true. Amazing Grace Type scent.

HERBAL ESCAPE- Blended combo. Aloe and green tea notes. A spa delight.

JAPANESE PLUM BLOSSOM- A sheer twilight of oriental bliss. Get ready to unleash your sophistication.

JAPANESE QUINCE- Vibrate and exquisite citrus. This will intoxicate your senses. 

MANGO SUITE- Blended combo. Lovely and sweet ending delicately with an herbal treat of lavender and cucumbers.

PINK GRAPEFRUIT- Fresh and clean. A powerful invigorating citrus. The essential oil turned the product a slight yellow tint, but it I find that it matched the body polish tint nicely.

PINK JASMINE- Blended combo. The ultimate temptress with notes of jasmine and oriental notes blending in harmony for a seductive experience.

PURE & NATURAL- Soft end of Shea playing with light blend of florals. It's so light and soft that it's pure & natural.

SUGAR GLOW- A vibrant fragrance with juicy melon and sweet raspberries flowed over with light florals and soft musk.

TIARE BLOSSOM- The exotic and heady tropical fragrance of Monoi.

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