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In making soap you want takes a little imagination. I envisioned making this soap looking explosive with my first attempt. My first attempt at making these bars was not so easy. I thought it was an easy task until I got to know my soaps. I made soap with melt and pour before, but to do your own design is a different story. I failed horribly making this soap 5 times. I was using three different types of soap, and each one had to be melted because of the timing while pouring before they harden on me.  Let's get into how I made it FINALLY! A little patience helped me get through it. In addition, I wanted to video this, but I didn't have my helpers with me this time, so I did screen shots.
Oatmeal, Goats Milk, and Clear Soaps. I melted them at the same time.  Pictured is 25oz of Oatmeal, 16oz of goats milk, and 10oz of clear melt and pour.
My molds for soap, and I already unmolded the circles(my cherries). I sliced  them accordingly.
I measured out my fragrance. I am using Cherry Almon…