In making soap you want takes a little imagination. I envisioned making this soap looking explosive with my first attempt. My first attempt at making these bars was not so easy. I thought it was an easy task until I got to know my soaps. I made soap with melt and pour before, but to do your own design is a different story. I failed horribly making this soap 5 times. I was using three different types of soap, and each one had to be melted because of the timing while pouring before they harden on me.  Let's get into how I made it FINALLY! A little patience helped me get through it. In addition, I wanted to video this, but I didn't have my helpers with me this time, so I did screen shots.

Oatmeal, Goats Milk, and Clear Soaps. I melted them at the same time. 
Pictured is 25oz of Oatmeal, 16oz of goats milk, and 10oz of clear melt and pour.

My molds for soap, and I already unmolded the circles(my cherries). I sliced 
them accordingly.

I measured out my fragrance. I am using Cherry Almond, and
Oatmeal Milk and Honey (separately).

A little fact about using types of fragrance. The fragrance choice is always something to 
look into because of vanilla content that may or may not be involved, but check
to make sure and how much. The clarity of your product is dependent on it. 

I am using Cherry Almond, which according to the supplier, it has 7% vanilla content,
and with my design in mind I don't want any browning, so I will add a vanilla stabilizer- this is to prevent browning of your product were fragrance has vanilla content. When choosing vanilla stabilizer make sure it is for the soap you are using; such as vanilla stabilizer for Melt and Pour, not Cold Process Soap.

The rule of thumb with vanilla stabilizer: Use a 2:1 ratio if the vanilla content is below 10%
Use 1:1 ratio if the vanilla content is above 10%. Okay that's great! In my recipe, I've used in my Oatmeal soap around 45ml or 1.5oz of fragrance, so my stabilizer will be at .75oz. To get the ratio, just divide your fragrance load by 2. If you are not familiar with Milliliter to Ounces just Google it. I did. (Lol).  In using a vanilla stabilizer, you must use it within 2 to 15 minutes of using it. Stir in fragrance for 2 minutes, and let it sit for 2 minutes before adding it to your base. 
It should look like this once emulsified with the fragrance.

 WHEN USING VANILLA STABILIZER- USE A MASK, or STEP BACK, and DO NOT INHALE while squirting this product, because it is STRONG. Don't worry, the instructions in using this product is noting this.

My soaps are melted, and now it's time to pour. I poured my soaps around 130 degrees. They were trying to harden on me, so I kept putting them back in the double boilers while the water was still hot( stove was off).


You must spritz alcohol to remove bubbles.

Once the Oatmeal set up, not too hard. I pour in the 
Goat's Milk Soap

Once the Goat's milk set up, not too hard. I poured in the Clear soap,
 and spritz with alcohol to clear bubbles, and working fast spritzing the
cherry slices, so that it would
adhere to the soap, then sprinkled into the
Clear Melt and pour.

I continue with pouring Goat's Milk to top the clear and cherries, then pouring the Oatmeal. The very top I double poured because the soaps were trying to harden on me, so I swirled the two together. Sprinkled with grounded Oats. Voila!

I unmolded the next day. You don't have to, but I did to be sure it is well solidified.


Thank you!


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