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Making Facial Cream

RaeMarie Essentials Skin Care

Well, I'm at it again making a facial product with its essentials: Watermelon Facial Cream, Gentle Facial Wash with Aloe and Cucumber, Aloe Vera-Cucumber Gentle Facial Polish, and Alcohol-free Witch hazel Toner. You, get to choose which facial cream to go with these essentials.
 Facial Duo Body Cream is great for the face and body. It is not heavy at all, but it will satisfy the moisture for normal to dry skin. I also have the Watermelon Facial Cream, a facial cream for normal to combination skin. I will tell you guys about each ingredient I used and why I pick in particular the ingredients to formulate with. I also will have a special cream for oily skin, but that will take a bit of research. Well until then, In this segment, I'm only doing the Facial Duo Body Cream as a demo, or shall I say a short movie of what I did to develop this cream. It was fun to do, so let's get started. 

This video shows the oil phase and water phase portion.