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In creating these shampoo bars, I had in mind using natural ingredients, and that is what I've done, but sometimes it doesn't matter what you put in your products it's how much you add into making your products. I always do research on the ingredient before using it, and always have in mind what percentages to use. 

Ingredients will do what it purported to do without overdoing it. You will be surprised that a little goes a long way in having good ingredients. Well, I do test what I make before adding onto my website. I just want to give you guys a heads up to what I do to achieve in making my shampoo bars since this is a subject of  pH, which is the measure of how acidic or basic the water content is in a product or liquid to determine what is safe or not to use. Well, in my case for skin and hair. 

My personal belief is that when using natural ingredients and knowing what you add is also a way to know your product is safe to use, but like I said before, it's how much you use because too much of it may not be a good thing depend on of the ingredient (some may be stronger or pungent than others).

Many may know, that the basic pH for skin's natural pH range is 4.5-5.5 in body products, and pH 6 is good too. And, a safe range for hair is pH 4-7. Keep that in mind. To stop with the guessing whether if using shampoo bars is safe, look at the ingredients. In using soaps for hair, the pH should be around 7-7.5 or higher with soap, but the main thing is that you bring back your hair pH after cleaning. That is to add herbal rinses, deep conditioners, leave-ins, moisturizing conditioners, using hair mask etc. then follow up with a ceramide oil or butter to seal the cuticles. 

In my experiment, I have done a pH test with Baking soda with my shampoo bars since I mentioned it as part of describing suggestions to use these bars on RaeMarie Essentials website: Peppermint-Rose and Avocado-Spinach shampoo bars. Both bars came out to be when adding the baking soda with soap water, the pH came out to be a pH of 7.

pH of 7 using baking soda with soap.

This is the pH of Baking Soda alone 8.5-9

I used my peppermint bar a few weeks ago with baking soda adding to my shampoo bar, and the pH came down to a 7 (as 7 being neutral), so your hair will remain the proper pH in using this shampoo bar to avoid dryness and breakage.

 Afterward, adding my Moisturizing Avocado Conditioner (pH 5) to bring my hair down to having refined cuticles. I rinsed after a 20 min waiting time. For light conditioning, you can use the Avocado Leave-in

Then, adding in the Natural Hair Ceramide Oil to nourish my hair and keeping the moisture. Finally, using my Everyday Hair Milk to style my hair in the twist out look. I love the results! 

You have to be the judge of how this will work for you. I think results depends on the hair type and porosity. Test, test, test, but for the most part since these items are natural handmade ingredient products, I can say it's great for most hair types.

Recently pictured, is the result of using the New African Black Soap Moisturizing Shampoo with my new Everyday Hair Milk with Shea butter creme (Unscented, or Lavender Oats). This liquid shampoo is very cleansing & conditioning. 

Thank you as always!


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