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Transitioning RaeMarie Essentials

In careful consideration during the process of opening my shop and weighing out the cost of inventory, shipping, labeling, packaging, traveling, printing, equipment, postage and among other business developments, (such as time being in the office) there will be a slight price increase in some products, and S&H.

Because of the quality  of my handmade products and quantity  I give to customers, these are necessary changes so that I can continue to better service my customers while being able to take pride and joy creating these wonderful, natural skin and hair care products. (I just love what I do!) 
I went through the process of surveying my products in terms of yearly sales analysis, in order to identify who my audience is or will be in the future.  This exercise has enabled me to clearly identify how to grow my product line from this point moving forward.  You can expect to see some really exciting things coming online in 2017!!

As ment…


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Announcing New Winner

Customer AppreciationView this email in your browser The Winner for the month of November is Cassandra Masterson. (YAY!!!)
Congrats Cassandra! You will receive a perfume atomizer Dry Oil Mist in "Cosmo", a lovely blend of lemon, neroli, bergamot, lavender, jasmine, and Muguet to bring out a spa tea like aroma to relax to. Thanks so much for supporting me through my journey of making handmade products :-)

December winner will be annouce a little sooner because of the holiday season. I will post soon what item I will give for December 16th. Stay tuned.
A Limited Time Offer with the Customer Appreciation Drawing going on now only for subscribers to be able to get a sample item to full item depending on the person's purchases they have accumulated with me over time. Those names I will pick out of the drawing box every month on the 22nd. New clients may subscribe to join before I close this, and I do encourage new subscribers to sign on to meet other surprises I may have coming…