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Enhanced Hair Enrichment Creme

Hello Everyone, In this post, I will be talking about the Hair Enrichment Creme. For a while, I have been developing a way to improve hair texture of all types of hair. When I first started making this creme, I looked at many ingredients to achieve manageable hair, but the consistency was on the oily side and only gave attention to thick coarse hair, which is okay, but as time moved forward, other ingredients started to come to surface were I can give attention for most hair types such as frizzy, curly, coily, thin, damaged, color and chemical treated, coarse and fine hair. This hair creme is a leave in conditioning hair dressing creme with a pH5.5 to give life to all hair types.  The ingredients have improve since the last time I developed this Hair Enrichment Creme. The main ingredients are a list, so bare with me. I have obtain  Mango butter, murumuru butter, virgin coconut oil, fair trade coffee oil, argan oil, macadamia nut oil, wheat germ, Amla oil, BTMS, a natural softener, jo…