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In using body polishes, you usually would use it on slightly wet to dry skin to exfoliate then rinse thoroughly. This to ensure dead skin cell removal, cell regeneration, and circulation. On the plus side, the aroma of the polish will linger more with you than washing it all down while under the shower.

Not everyone will have the same skin responsiveness in how harsh or mild a polish should be. A person should know their skin as to how abrasive or mild they want their product before purchasing. Ask yourself, what level of abrasiveness I want my skin to feel?  It will be all up to you in how you would like to use body polishes or scrubs.

At RaeMarie Essentials, there are a few variety of skin levels of polishes and scrubs. To start, there is the Bamboo Silk selections that has a microdermabrasion feel to improve skin texture, One & Only selection has a sugar & salt base to mildly polish the skin to keep your skin smooth when using it every other day  or soaking with it. Either way you are leaving the room with any scent you choose to linger with you.

Also, Green Apple and Hibiscus Polishes Shere'e 's natural colored scrubs, using natural herbs and oils to exfoliate mildly with a result of natural alpha-hydroxy and natural cleansers build-in exfoliating your skin to achieve soft smooth skin while smelling wonderful might I add. 

In addition to clear, blemish free, soft, smooth skin, the African Black Soap Sugar Scrub, & African Ximenia Salt Scrub is the one to grab as they both cleans well, exfoliate well, and the nature of these scrubs can make you addicted to them because it contains build-in toners and antioxidants such the Black soap and African Honey. The Ximenia Sea Salt is therapeutic. This one combats dryness, clarity in cleanliness, and conditions with Ximenia oil without being overly oily just the moisture it adds back into the skin.  Your skin will thank you. The African Black Soap Sugar Scrub eventually will congeal to a paste as time past for a great consistency while rubbing it on. None of these scrubs has spillage. In each polish or scrub selection they are specially emulsified. Shere'e make these scrubs fresh upon orders. You can read more about these scrubs by clicking their highlighted links.

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